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People of Influence

Marketing right now is very much bewitched by the spell of influencers; those media-savvy individuals who have cultivated their own personal brands and sizable audiences. Beliefs of independence, authority, and


Four project management tools marketers will love 😍

You’re full of brilliance, drive and creative marketing ideas. But, while you’re busy being so awesome, it’s easy for project management to fall by the wayside. We’ve pulled together our top, tried-and-tested project management tools, especially for you…


Life after GDPR

Society exists in a post-GDPR world. But are you living the dream or trapped in a waking nightmare?


Helping Kronos give the market something to think about

In an age of disruption, technology counts. But it’s your people who’ll give you an edge. Our DMs are helping to position workforce solutions firm Kronos as a thought leader in its market. See why they’ve been shortlisted for an International B2B Marketing Award.