Sales enablement: your sales team needs you

26th April 2018

8.45am coffee and pastry: 9am start - 10:30am

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Sales enablement: your sales team needs you

Sales enablement is not new. It’s a growing specialism in many marketing teams. In fact, Sirius Decisions research recently found that “enablement” is what sales want most from marketing. Demand creation – the focus of many B2B marketing teams, came second.

Changes in B2B buyer behaviour and the kind of marketing B2B teams focus on are driving a wedge between sales and marketing. On one hand, we’ve got self-educating buyers, going it alone without sales, and on the other, content marketing driving conversations away from product and towards the ever-popular ‘thought leadership’.

What can be done to create a seamless interface between sales and marketing? How can marketing respond to the growing need for sales enablement and use content as the foundation to meeting ever-changing buyer needs?

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